WorldWide Shipping

Last Revised: 04/19/2024


At MellMed, we ensure seamless worldwide shipping through our trusted network of vendors. Here’s how our process works:

Vendor Partnerships: We collaborate with experienced vendors who sell products on MellMed. These vendors play a crucial role in handling shipping logistics.

Shipping Management: Our vendors take care of shipping your orders efficiently and securely. They work with reputable shipping carriers to ensure timely delivery to your doorstep.

Tax Handling: In addition to shipping, our vendors also manage taxes associated with your orders. This includes handling import and export taxes as required by international regulations.

Customs Compliance: Our shipping process is designed to comply with customs regulations worldwide. This ensures smooth clearance of your shipments through customs checkpoints.

Transparent Communication: Throughout the shipping process, we maintain transparent communication with our vendors and customers. You can track your orders and stay informed about their status.

By working closely with our vendors, we provide you with a reliable and hassle-free shipping experience, no matter where you are in the world.

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