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  • consisting of: LB microscope with lenses: PL Fluotar 1.6/0.05, N Plan 100/1.25 OIL, N Plan 40 x / 0.65, N Plan 20 x / 0.40, N Plan 10 x / 0.25, N Plan 5 x /, N Plan 2.5x / 0.07, Leica DM STC control unit, as well as a telepathology unit consisting of CCD camera head Hitachi HV-C20M, camera control unit AVT-Horn and Isight camera control ISC 2050 with CCD Camera head, a Sony video presentation device VID-P110, a box of software and a large cross table as shown, one of the system's cables is cut and the transmission PC is missing, otherwise the system is complete, but the microscope can also be used independently

    Microscope telepathology Leica

  • consisting of: staining module, liquid module, PC with TFT display and barcode printer, good used condition as shown, new price: 60,000

    staining machine Ventana Medical Systems (Roche)