• Gigaset Maxwell Basic IP Pro Gigabit IP phone HD Sound for Fritz

    Store: MellMed

    Gigaset Maxwell Basic IP Pro

    Gigabit IP phone HD sound for Fritzbox (10)

    New and sealed

    Delivered how to watch in the photos, no other accessories

    As far as there are errors or defects, they would be described above and marked red

    There is no return only if you agree or buy it

    A absolutely no return when selling abroad

    Important NOTE:

    This sale is a private sale. According to EU law, a seller has been liable for material defects and one year for used goods for two years since January 1, 2002. As a private individual, you can exclude your warranty obligation within the framework of the contract and then no longer is liable in accordance with Section 437 of the German Civil Code (Section 444 BGB).

    I hereby expressly distance myself from any guarantee, product or material defense liability and exclude the named for my sales via eBay. Likewise we

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