• Refurbished DIOMED Delta 15

    Store: Dr Medica

    Product Description: Diomed Delta 15 Surgical Diode LaserUnit in very good conditionComes with footswitchMultiple language optionsWe will ship worldwide

  • Used ANGIODYNAMICS VenaCure 1470

    Store: Dr Medica

    Product Description: VenaCure 1470 laser for vein ablation. Producer: AngioDynamics Unit comes with footswitch. The VenaCure 1470 nm laser is a water-specific laser, targeting water as the chromophore to absorb the laser energy. Since the vein structure is mostly water, it is theorized that the 1470 nm laser wavelength is able to efficiently heat the vein endothelial cells with little chance of collateral damage, resulting in an optimal vein ablation. The VenaCure 1470 nm laser is designed to work exclusively with AngioDynamics NeverTouch? fibers; maximizing these two technologies may result in even better patient outcomes. The 1470 nm laser allows effective vein ablation with the targeted energy of 30-50 joules/cm at a setting of 5-7 watts.


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