• Refurbished ANETIC AID QA4

    Store: Dr Medica

    Product Description: Anetic Aid QA4 Strechter TrolleyMultiple possitions to set by pilotVery good conditionWe will ship worldwide!

  • Refurbished FERNO Compact

    Store: Dr Medica

    Product Description: Ferno Compact ChairWhilst lightweight and small in size, the Compact 2 Carry Chair is manufactured from stainless steel for strength and durability, designed for aiding horizontal movement of patients in a range of situations. Can also be used for lifting patients up/down stairs, where a track chair is not available for use.Weight9 kgLoad Limit200 kgWidth44.5 cmHeight93.5 cmLength42 cmAvailable black and red ones visible on photosWe will ship worldwide

  • Refurbished FERNO SCOOP 65 EXL

    Store: Dr Medica

    Product Description: Ferno EXL Scoop StretcherThe 65 EXL stretcher is intended for the evacuation and transport of people with suspected spinal, pelvic and multi-organ injuries.The construction of the stretcher is easy to clean, protected against the penetration of liquids (including organic) and dirt.Penetrating to X-rays to the extent that allows X-ray diagnostics of the head, spine, pelvis.We will ship worldwide


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