• Refurbished FERNO EZ Glide

    Store: Dr Medica

    Product Description: Ferno EZ Glide Stair Chair!Ferno EZ Glide tracked stairclimber – special traction system – enables free sliding of the patient down the stairs – convenience of maneuvering – large clearance between the traction rails and the floor (2.2 cm) and swivel wheels – easy transport – swivel front wheels with a diameter of 10 cm and large rear wheels with a diameter of 15 cm – safe transport in the unfolded position and safe storage in the folded position – simple and reliable latch mechanism eliminates accidental folding or opening – providing the patient with comfort ? large seat and backrest area ? over 1300 cm2. – ergonomics of use ? handles enabling setting in 5 positions – leg support for the patient – high structural strength – 227 kg! 4 PIECES BLUE and 2 PIECES SILVER AVAILABLE We invite you to visit other auctions We will ship worldwide


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